Uber and union bosses to meet after landmark deal on workers’ rights

The UK boss of Uber is to meet with the new leader of a trade union for the first time since a landmark court ruling on workers’ rights.

Jamie Heywood and GMB’s Gary Smith seek to end years of discord over the ride-hailing giant’s business practices.

Uber recognised the union for the first time in May after the Supreme Court ruled its drivers should be classed as workers and entitled to better rights.

The bosses said “the exploitation” of all ride-hailing drivers must stop.

In a joint statement ahead of the meeting, Uber and GMB said an estimated 230,000 drivers were not receiving “their legal rights” from companies such as Bolt and Addison Lee.

However, Addison Lee boss Liam Griffin rejected the claims, saying drivers were “at the heart” of his business.

“We guarantee the drivers that work with us get the London Living Wage level of earnings, as opposed to only the National Minimum Wage paid by Uber,” he said.

“Drivers working with Addison Lee also get access to a pension and holiday pay.”

Bolt said drivers were “free to choose which platform they use and record numbers are continuing to earn through Bolt”.

“They tell us that’s because they can take home more money,” the firm said.

“That’s not exploitation, it’s competition. We don’t take business advice from competitors motivated by their own agenda.”


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